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Designed and manufactured in the USA, Universal Laser Systems manufacture laser cutting and engraving machines with versatility to suit small home businesses through to full factory production. Universal Laser Systems lead the world with ease of use (with intuitive printer drivers that allow operators to work directly from all leading graphics and CAD packages), low ongoing cost of ownership, ease of maintenance and industry leading safety standards.

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Range of ULS machines


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The VLS Desktop Series lasers are the ideal entry-level laser engraving machine. The compact design makes them suitable for in-office or on the production floor when customized, low-run production is required.

The VLS 2.30DT and VLS3.60DT models are commonly used within Architecture, Awards, Asset Labeling, Electrical Labeling, Industrial Signage, Sports, Education and Prototyping sectors amongst others.

The unique Universal features, such as Laser Interface+ and 1-Touch Laser Photo, make this laser engraver easy-to-use, and easily integrated into your daily operations. 



Desktop Series

Engraving Area: 610 x 305mm

Wattage:10, 30



Desktop Series

Engraving Area: 610 x 305mm

Wattage: 10, 30, 40, 50

or 60watts


The VLS Platform Series has 3 laser options with differing table sizes to accommodate larger jobs and increased z-axis clearance over the Desktop Series. All offer Co2 Laser power options up to 60watts making these the most popular range of machines for High Schools.

We have found that the the VLS Platform Series machines are commonly used across a wide range of industries including Architecture, Art, Awards, Embroidery, Industrial, Signage, Sports, Stamps, and Education.


Platform Series

Engraving Area: 610 x 305mm

Wattage: 10, 30, 40, 50,60

or 75watts



Platform Series

Engraving Area: 610 x 457mm

Wattage: 10, 30, 40, 50, 60

or 75watts



Platform Series

Engraving Area: 812 x 457mm

Wattage: 10, 30, 40, 50, 60 or 75watts



The PLS Series is the seasoned professional’s step up into high production laser processing. It is particularly suited for manufacturing and production environments.

 The PLS6.150D featuring Dual Laser Configuration. This feature gives you the ability to merge two independent laser sources into a single beam for additional power and flexibility. Using two laser cartridges has advantages over a single laser source and also allows you the option of adding 'Superspeed' to double your engraving speed. 

The PLS series is capable of deep, high-speed engraving and thick cutting operations. The unique Universal features such as Laser Interface+, 1-Touch Laser Photo, High Power Density Focusing Optics, and Rapid Reconfiguration make this laser engraver easy-to-use, and easy to integrate into your daily operations. Ideal for automotive, aerospace, electronics, manufacturing, medical, signage, awards, packaging and University sectors. 


Professional Series

Engraving Area: 812 x 457mm

Wattage: 10, 30, 40, 50, 

60, 75 or up to 150watts



The ULTRA series has three machine options in the range which are the newest performance laser material processing solutions, designed for highest acceleration and speed plus ultimate precision and accuracy. The very latest Laser System control and management software gives the user the best usability in any environment from R&D to production. 

With Universal’s Rapid Reconfiguration technology, any of the following lasers can be used: two 10.6µm CO2 lasers (available from 10 to 150 watts for a total power of up to 300 watts); and in the  (Multiwave Hybrid) the addition of one fiber laser (available in 50 watts) meaning 2 or 3 tubes can run simultaneously for the processing of new developed materials. 

This technology is being used by the top R&D companies and leading research Universities around the globe, pushing laser technology to new heights.

R 5000

Ultra Series

Engraving Area: 813mm x 610mm

Wattage: up to 150watts Co2 and 50watts Fibre


X 6000

Ultra Series

Engraving Area: 914 x 610mm

Wattage: up to 300watts Co2 and  50watts Fibre

ULTRA X6000 Image (door open).png

R 9000

Ultra Series

Engraving Area: 1219 x 610mm

Wattage: up to 300watts Co2 and 50watts Fibre

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