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"At Victoria University Architecture & Design School we have up to 1300 students studying and nearly all of them will use laser cutters for their modeling projects at some time.  We have four laser machines to keep up with demand and they’re running pretty much all day every day during the week and often at night as well. Consequently with such a large number of different users (largely unsupervised) the laser machines receive varying degrees of misuse on a daily basis.  


We’ve found our Universal Lasers to be exceptionally resilient and reliable – especially considering the demanding environment they are subjected to. However things do go wrong and that’s when I get on the phone to Steve at Kendall Engraving Supplies.  Often operational problems can be remedied by being talked through a series of steps – otherwise mechanical faults will be diagnosed and the new parts are only ever a day away. Steve has always been able to instruct by phone how to fit any new replacement parts.  Steve and Nikki’s continuing backup service has been very important for us here – they’re an essential part of our laser cutting operations and we thoroughly recommend them.  


Because we train so many students to operate the laser machines by themselves, we have developed written resources and a robust booking system which we would be happy to share with other educational users."

Phil Nelson

Faculty of Architecture Design

Victoria University of Wellington

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