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Range of ULS machines
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Universal Laser Service Tips:

  • Check optics (beam window, mirrors and lens) for scratches and discoloration.  Only if dirty, clean with lens tissues and fluid specifically for coated optics (available from Kendall Engraving Supplies Ltd)

  • Clean X and Y axis motion system (bearings, belts and rails) with a damp cloth

  • Check condition of X and Y axis bearings and belts (X-axis belt and bearings require replacing every 2-6 years depending on the materials you are working with and the hours of use)

  • Remove any material offcuts and vacuum under the aluminium table

  • Empty small offcuts of material from inside the honeycomb cutting table and check honeycomb condition

  • Clean exhaust flume and exhaust ducting

  • Clean and lubricate Z-axis lead screws

  • Check and clean fan filters with a vacuum or in soapy water

  • Wipe off any smoke residue with a damp cloth and clean the top window

Additional Service Tips:

  • Check calibration of table and optics

  • Check beam alignment

  • Review whether the laser tube wattage has dropped to a point where jobs are taking longer to run

  • Check ruler alignment

  • Check squareness of X-axis arm

  • Purge unwanted files from UCP

  • Check levelness of system

  • Check the machine is clear of the wall at the back and on the right hand side to allow good airflow around the machine

  • Check you have stock of coated optical lens cleaner and lens tissues

Regularly checking each of the items listed above and rectifying any issues will improve quality, increase productivity, increase the life of your system and minimise down time.

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