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BOFA’s advanced range of air filtration systems keeps workplace environments safe by removing particulate and fume generated during laser processes. The extraction systems remove fumes generated when processing materials in CO2 or Fibre laser systems, taking away the need to extract to the outside of the building.

These units come with advanced filtration (pre-filter and carbon / hepa filters), flow rate control and the Intelligent (iQ) Operating System, making them very simple and cost effective to run.

Bofa filtration Base 3



For use with: VLS2.30DT & VLS3.60DT

Desktop Laser sits on the  Filtration Unit

Bofa filtration Oracle


Oracle IQ

For use with: VLS3.75, & VLS4.75

Unit is freestanding beside

the Laser System

Bofa filtration AD1000


AD1000 IQ

For Use with: VLS6.75 & PLS6.150D

Unit is freestanding beside

the Laser System

Note: We also have larger units available plus units to suit all brands of laser systems


If it is not difficult to get access to the outside of your building it is an option to extract the fumes outside.

Below are the 2 most commonly used units for extracting the fumes

Extraction Unit Small

Extraction Unit


For use with: VLS2.30, VLS3.50 & VLS3.60

1/2 Horsepower with 100mm inlet and 100mm outlet

Extraction Unit Large

Extraction Unit


For use with: VLS6.60, PLS6.75 & PLS6.150

2 Horsepower with 2x100mm inlet and 120mm outlet

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